The Story

Of Tapas



TAPAS is a daily event in the life of the Spanish culture. Mainly a Northern Spain, Basque regional tradition, it has grown to signify a way of eating and socializing. It is said that tapas originated centuries ago. In Spanish, the word tapa or the verb tapar means “to cover.” Tapas represents the Spanish custom of placing a piece of bread over the glass of wine. It is a custom that dates back past the 1500’s. Traditionally, the exact food served is less important than the social occasion.

Tapas is a way of life.
It signifies leisure, camaraderie & good humor.

In Spain, Tapas are almost always accompanied by wine. They are not so much about talking as they are about eating and drinking. The wine is the medium that holds the conversation with friends and the food together. You make time to enjoy the moment in an unhurried way. The threefold purpose of snacking on tapas is to dull any hunger pangs that have built up since the previous intake of comestibles, to whet the appetite for the next, and to stimulate sociability, at which the Spanish excel.



James Taylor


“Many of us in life strive to put our sense of a “Peter Pan” lifestyle into a daily reality that involves family, work, play, honor and ethics…… So, early on in life, many questioned my direction due to all the counter activities and hobbies that seemed not to connect with a focus for the future – QUITE THE OPPOSITE. My experiences in Architecture, food, travel, brewmaster training, culinary school, starting KC’s & Missouri’s first Brewpub, cycling, skiing, photography, event & festival management……. And the list goes on…. Have all helped round my senses in what it takes to give World Class Hospitality. Being creative, working and playing hard, building a castle on a firm foundation is key, but never forgetting that Lagniappe (the little something special given that is unexpected, that makes it oh so sweeter) is still paramount in making someone’s day. The simple joy is seeing a guest walk out of one of our restaurants with a smile and thanking our staff for their great experience.”