Wednesday, October 30, 2019

La Bodega is looking for GREAT TALENT to join our Team! We are in search of a Mixologist with a solid knowledge of wines!  

A successfulLa Bodega bartender must be completely knowledgeable about our Wines and all alcoholic beverages and know how to prepare them in a polished, efficient, and relaxed manner. The employee must be able to deliver a high level of customer service and an upbeat, helpful attitude.  Not only is it important to know our Wine and Coctels, taking our guests on a Tour of Tastes through our menu is a Top Priority!!  They will also be required to have a complete understanding of our inventory, cash flow, and serving techniques. 


  • You will be responsible for all cash flow, open tickets, stocking and rotating procedures, inventory, bar waste (correct pouring techniques) and cleaning of all bar tools including the area around the bar and floor.
  • You must be proficient on the workings of the POS/Micros system.
  • Basic hygiene and appearance guidelines as outlined in the manual must be followed.
  • You need to possess knowledge on all food items and prices including specials as well as all bar items, alcohol prices and bar specials.
  • You will be responsible for making suggestions to customers about food and alcohol pairings.
  • You must greet the customer with a smile, be attentive and courteous to all customers and if possible address the customer by name.
  • Bartenders must keep an organized and clean bar, as it is the focal point of our operation.
  • You must watch for empty glasses or trash on the bar. Must always ask a customer if they would like another drink before removing the glass.
  • You are responsible for all drinks and food served from the bar. You will record all house purchases, manager’s comps, etc. in the POS.
  • You will be responsible for the sanitation and appearance of all equipment in the bar areas.
  • You must follow all health and safety standards of the City, State, and of the establishment. As well as following all standards and regulations as outlined in your employee operations manual.